Carlisle. B l kitchen. Gold. N f i. Bouncing bridge––that’s an observation. National carriers, the elite fleet. Product distribution companies. Currus, reliable pick-up and delivery. See co. L f l transport. Lee transport. Hapag lloyd. Transport logistics. Budget. Napoli. Pacer stack train.

Alright some ideas for the bibliography for thesis. Um tony smith. The jersey turnpike. Nuremberg drilling grounds. Um that video that kara walker showed us of the uh the empty drilling grounds also from nuremberg. Um, it was coupled with music sort of dramatizing the architecture. Um. I was just talking to mom and dad on the phone and they, I was describing. While I was talking to them I was putting shellac on the box, the shipping container. Really the box, I mean it’s like the current box. The like the box of today. That makes everything work the way it does. Anyway I was describing putting shellac on it, I was describing what I was doing and what it was and my mom was like, wow it’s sort of the opposite of, or the inverse of, how, technology has made. Well, if you describe to somebody what you want to do: I want to make a print, a scale print, wanna make a scale replica and or a scale print of a shipping container. If, if you ask somebody to do that today the sort of go-to thing would be like three d printing, or laser cutting and three d printing and. Here I’ve done this like frankensteiny like backwards approach to it. I made a box that were the outside dimensions of the shipping container and then I carved into it like some maniacal sort of hobbyist. Maniacal hobbyist...that’s sort of degrading. Maybe um, amateur woodcarver. And in doing that, in some ways it was a, it’s, it’s an inverse or a um an obsolete technique, but in other ways it does something that even the most cutting edge technologies do so––oh and here’s another thing: the josh kline––ok, so. The highest end three d printers have a limit of what they can do. Ultimately maybe we’ll find a time, we’ll reach a point when we’re able to make something that’s completely uncanny and identical to the real thing. Until that point we still have, built into any new tec––any replication technology, we have the, a tolerance, of, a detail tolerance, I don’t know what you call that, but basically a degree of detail that the machine is not able to pass surpass. Or yeah, or achieve. So there’s a limit to what you’re able to render. Likewise with the woodcut there’s a limit to what, the detail I’m able to render of that object. And I’ve established that limit. I’ve established the type of mark. The crudeness or the fineness of the mark depending on your point of view. And I’ve rendered the whole object like that. But to to, to go back to the bibliogrpahy another, a segue could be into the custodians article by ben lerner which is about the replication committee at the whitney. E o wilson, the future of life. Use the quote about the membrane stretched so fine can’t see it edgewise by from up in space, shuttle.Arthur danto. The arthur danto interview I think it was of, or just or review, essay rather, essay about fischli and weiss. The one that hanneline lent me to read. Go back to all my crits and studio visits and look up the books and the artists that I was told to. Free fall thought experiment by hito steyerl. Flatland by abbott. Bruce conner. Vija celmins. Thomas demand. Julio cortazar instructions on how to climb a staircase. Bring sanding block back tonight, tomorrow morning. Bring it from brooklyn to new brunswick. I guess one thing that all the pieces in my show, or the the inventory that I’ve been working with, one thing they all deal with is this like um containment of intimacy. Containment meaning like it’s stored and meted out, in units that are controlled and graduated. Parking spaces. Control. Our interaction, regulated so that our cars don’t touch. The uh fulfillment center, ironically titled, is all about fulfilling an order, preventing––however it prevents the fulfillment of like any sort of intimacy because each one of those orders is a purchase not made in a store. Not that that’s a bad thing, but it’s kind of a direction––actually I think it’s a bad thing––it’s a direction we go, we’re going. Good vocab for the thesis. Ready? Mete, m-e-t-e. Um, rhizome. Macadam. Tarmac. Planar. Maybe paul auster um, city of glass. Another vocabulary word is glass. Through a glass. Stop at home depot on the way in tomorrow and get a forty eight by twenty four by half inch slice of m d f to make the trough for the, three by forty three inch tall tower. Glossy paper. Maybe also at home depot tomorrow morning I should buy a long pipe clamp, something that can clamp forty eight inches. Between forty three and forty eight. Also recalculate the height of the stack.